Some of my favorite blogging moments

Hii everyone🍁🧘. How are y’all doing today? Welcome to or back to the blog and to another post🌆. Yes, just in case you missed it, I’m back baby😁🎉. Also, yesterday was my second bloggiversary and luckily WordPress remembered to congratulate me (cause they be forgetting *cough cough*).

Anyway, I was looking through my blog book and reading some of my first posts and kind of really realized that my past posts were cringe😂🙈. I used to write about bullying, peer pressure and random how-to’s. It’s embarrassing😂🙈. And it’s not that the topics are cringe, it’s how I used to write. So glad that I’m over that🤭. Moving on…

My blog book is also full so this is post number two in the new blog book (yeah, that’s one thing ticked off last years blogger’s Christmas wish list😁🎉). Going through my old blog book brought back lots of memories. Firstly, and probably my all time favorite blogging moment is the 27 June 2020 when I posted my first post👐.

Then three months later, on the 23rd September, I posted my first Funky Friday post🌚🌻. I do miss those.

Before we continue with the memories, quick question. When you started blogging, where did you think blog tags and awards came from👀? Well, if you must know, I thought the WordPress team created them😂🤷‍♀️. Like I really thought that there’s someone at WP headquarters who’s job is to create awards and tags once in a while then release them into the blogsphere🤭🤷‍♀️. It made sense up until I realized that bloggers themselves create awards and tags🌚✨.

That realization came when I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Refreshingmingle. Speaking of Refreshingmingle, I’m always confused about what to call her and where. Like I know her real name, but then she doesn’t really want it to be known. So like when we’re talking, I call her by her name, but then on my blog, sometimes I do be forgetting to use her online name😗🤷‍♀️ – random story that no one asked for but finding out what her real name is another one of my favorite blogging moments🌚👐.

Less than a month later, I was also did my very first tag. I helped Akriti launch her very own For Moi Tag. Another one of my favorite blogging moments would have to be when I asked her how old she is and she was like “I have agephobia” 😂. (By the way, if you’re like me and wondering what that is, it basically means that she doesn’t wanna share her age online – got it? Ok cool).

2020 was filled with some sweet moments as I met most of my best blogger friends in that year 🧘🌼.

Thirteen days into 2021 and I was celebrating the new year “in style” as I announced my relationship. Y’all went crazy😂. But you guys know that there’s always a twist with me😉.

Less than two months after celebrating 50 followers, we celebrated 100 followers🎉 – y’all are amazing🌻. I also did a face reveal in the same month (just in case you wanna see the face behind the blog😉).

One of the many highlights of 2021 was celebrating April fools for the first time with y’all asI played a not so original prank on y’all – good times😂.

We once again celebrated in June 2021 when Girl Chat (Now The Foreign S.M.S) gained 200 followers. Later that month I also celebrated my first bloggiversary🎉🎉. It’s crazy how another one has passed 🧘🎉.

-and we shall continue with more blogging moments tomorrow🌚🧘.

Question of the day: Do you like chewing gum?

For me: It’s fun until my mouth hurts from chewing🤭🤷‍♀️ (y’all can tell me your answers in the comments)

Thank you beautiful soul for reading 🙏🏼🌻. Yo gal out✌…

32 thoughts on “Some of my favorite blogging moments

    1. Thank you🙏🏼🦋. Right😂🙈. Though, it is fun to look at those posts and wonder what we were thinking when we wrote those posts😂.
      Yeah but even when my mouth starts hurting, I kind of don’t wanna stop😂🤦‍♀️.
      Thanks for reading 🙏🏼🦋

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  1. congrats on your 2nd blogiversaryyyy! woohoo! 🥳💕
    speaking of which, my second one is coming up in august… i’ll have to think of how to celebrate! (reading the post i wrote on LTBL would probably help 😂👍)
    it’s always humbling to read back old posts, since we’re learning and growing all the time 🤣 when i see my old photography, i’m like whoa- i’d never take the picture like that now 💕😆
    ooh i’m gonna start a tag! #bringbackfunkyfriday!!
    oh boy tags and awards- i first saw the Liebster Award in 2011 and i was like 😳 whoa.. i got a legit award!! woohoo! then i found out anyone and whoever can make an award and it felt a bit less revered after that haha
    i feel like that with some bloggers 😝 when all they want to go by is a longish username, it’s a bit harder for me to connect with them since you can’t really derive nicknames from a username.
    bruh i got agephobia at this point because everyone thinks i’m 15 😭🖐😂 and i’m like no~ i’m 7 years older than that plzzz
    oh my goodness i had no idea you wrote a post about dating yourself 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 genius
    i do like chewing gum! not usually bubble gum, because if it’s too chewy i can get a headache. but smaller gum is actually great for me because it helps with my reflux 😂😂 sometimes after eating, the dairy products (especially yogurt and some sauces) make me cough and i almost get fluid in my lungs (i still can’t find out what it is online…), and gum helps that go away!
    woo long comment alert! 😂🚨


    1. Oh my goodness😂💖!! I wasn’t expecting such a long comment but I love it😂!! Ohk, lets do this.
      Firstly thank you so much🙏🏼. Oh, I actually thought that you’d been blogging for much longer than a year. You seem to have everything sorted🙈. Guess I should read that post too😂.
      Yes mam, also sometimes reading back at old posts sparks new post ideas🌚.
      Yeah, maybe people using the tag would force me into doing some more Funky Fridays😂. But I do have some more Funky Friday posts planned🌚.
      I honestly used to think that I could win an actual award😂. Like it would be delivered to my door step or something😂🤦‍♀️. Yeah, finding out that anyone could make an award kind of left me a little less awestruck but I still have respect for bloggers who have created awards.

      Also, you said 2011 – So if you don’t mind me asking, have you been blogging for years now before starting Maggie’s Doodles?

      Yeah, but then it’s also nice when they share their real name. And speaking if nicknames, that reminds me that I owe a certain blogger a nickname 🤭.

      😂15? OK, OK I’m a lil guilty too, I thought you a bit younger than 22 at first. But hey, take it as a compliment – I’m almost 15 so it just means that you’re a vibe😎.

      Oh I never knew that gum could help with your health (except dental gum – knew about that). Does the fluids in your lungs affect you much though?

      Thanks for the long comment though. They are always nice😂💖.

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      1. lol and i wasn’t expecting to write one!! but i have fun chatting with you 😊
        you’re welcome!! and oh yeah, i started maggie’s doodles almost 2 years ago but made my first blog in 2010. i do love super organizing everything 😂💕 my work is never done!
        yeah it’s such a helpful post! i’ve forgotten what i wrote now though haha
        yaaas and yaaay! may the funky live on!
        haha! it would be epic if we got trophies and plaques in the mail 🤣 same! they’re cool just not super official haha
        yeah so i’ve been blogging for 12 years now! 😱 crazy
        same! i love learning people’s real names. ooh yes 😁🤣💕
        yuppp i have the face of a teen apparently lol. ooh i’m a vibe indeed 😌✌️
        yeah i didn’t realize it until i accidentally found it out one day! no it doesn’t, but the mucus can almost block my airway at times 😬 it’s no fun and borderline dangerous, heh..
        you’re very welcome! 😂

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        1. I have fun chatting with you too🙃
          Oh OK, so you’ve been blogging for a long time hey. Is your first blog still around?
          Being organized does come in handy🌚
          Then I sure should check out that post😉.
          May the funky live on indeed😂🎉.
          Right and maybe even an official award ceremony😂🤷‍♀️.
          Yeah you do have the face of a teen, I would give you 17/18. Yes mam😌✌.
          Yeah, I can imagine the danger it puts you in health wise. God willingly, you find a solution to the problem👐.

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          1. Some risks are meant to be taken😂. Although WordPress does say that the blog unfortunately doesn’t exist. Would’ve liked to see what went through 11 year old Maggie’s head😂🌚.
            😂That would be cool – then we would actually get to meet each other😂🎉🎉 – we can only dream🌚.

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          2. No problem, I checked out the blog. Firstly, I love the background! And of course it counts if you mom nominates you for an award😂. My favorite post would has to be “This is weird…” – lovely😂👌🏼. And I never knew that you were homeschooled. Did you ever go to public school though?
            This was a risk worth taking😂👏👏!
            Right? We could be flying all around the world while celebrating the blogsphere🎉

            Liked by 1 person

          3. haha thanks! and yeahhh it does, don’t know what i was thinking 😂👌 oh i don’t remember that one 👀 i should go read it hehe
            yeah! nope i never went to public school. the only thing i feel like i missed out on with school is that i didn’t get to do theater or music class. i couldn’t do those at home 😂

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          4. 😂😂well, if it makes you feel better, when I was 12 and started my blog, I also didn’t know what I was thinking in most of my posts 🤭.
            You should😂😉.
            I love doing drama performances. With music, the theory is really nice to learn but the practicals are a bit tricky when you can’t sing 🤭. And there aren’t many rap songs that use appropriate language but are also not too fast to sing along to🤷‍♀️. Practicals are quite stressful😂. Did you do orals though?

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          5. starting out blogging young gives you an advantage and a HUGE disadvantage later 🙈🙈
            oh lol 🤣 yas drama’s so fun!! rap is a pretty secular genre… ooh have you listened to jamie grace or lecrae? they do some Christian rap!
            no i didn’t

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          6. 😂😂right🙈😂.
            It is indeed – you never know what character you could end up playing. It’s always something different. Yeah rap is. Oh no I haven’t heard of them. I have heard some christian rap though and it’s good👌🏼.
            Really? Guess homeschooling has it’s perks😂

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          7. i LOVE playing a role. i do voice impressions and accents all the time and it makes me so happy to be different characters! you can forget you’re yourself for a minute haha
            yup it does 😂

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          8. 😂😂me too! I find it so easy and fun to do accents – voice impressions not so easy🤭. Right! Those few minutes spent as another character are always wonderful👐


    1. Thank you, thank you – glad that you enjoyed the post🙃. Girl😂. The amount of cringing and embarrassed laughing that i do while reading my old posts is too much😂. I wonder how people used to read those and still comment🙈. But yeah, they are pretty fun🌚

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