Who writes Girl Chat💭💛?

Hiii👋. I’m not really the type to share my name online👐. But I’ll tell y’all anyway😜. My name is Sabrina🙃. I live in South Africa. I’m not of the “white” race by the way (don’t know if that sounds racist😬).

I’m a crazy type of girl😝.I’m the type that adapts to the situation. If you wanna be silly I can be silly. I can be serious too by the way (allow me to use btw instead of by the way please.)

Despite my load of craziness I’m actually really smart🤓. I love reading and learning new things📕📖. I love putting things together and doing puzzles that rack my brain. I love mathematics too🤓. I’m not a nerd though😅🤓 (not that I have anything against nerds😬)

I love wrestling, riding my bicycle🚴,running🏃(I’m an athlete btw🎽) ,swimming🏊,eating🍟😅,texting💬,dressing up👗,wearing accessories📿💍,rabbits🐇,flowers🌸💮💐, basketball🏀,TV📺,cooking🎛and many more😅.

I believe in Christ. I believe that we were all made my God and that his son,Jesus,paid for our sins. I truly wonder why some people live without seeking to know God🤔. Is it because they don’t believe that he exists or is it because they don’t want to believe that he exists🤔? Or maybe I’m asking too many questions😅. I tend to do that too. (I’m snoopy – don’t judge me😅).

I can fight really well – thanks to my dad😄. I only use it for self defence though. Although I’ve been in a few rough fights😅. I dream of being able to surf 🏄one day too.

I’m the first of four kids. I love being an elder sister😄. It’s loads of fun having siblings. There’s always something to laugh or fight about😅.

I guess I’m in between an extrovert and an introvert🤔. I’m not the type to call out for the teachers help from the back of the class. I would rather raise my hand or go to him/her. Neither am I the type to sit quietly the entire day. (I’ve been called out a few times for talking too loud😅).

I consider my self a girl that puts the word man in woMAN💪😄not your usual girl🥀. I guess I lay in between a tomboy and a girly girl. On the one hand I love pants,sneakers and boyish stuff. On the other hand I love dresses,high heels,jewelry and pretty stuff. I consider my self a tomgirl 😅. Who else feels this way👀? Please tell me I’m not weird😅! But I’ll always be proud of my gender #proudtobeagirl.

That’s pretty much what I’m made of. If there’s anything else you wanna know,hit the comments. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me😊.

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