Hello world😳

Omg I’m doing this😱. Okay in 3,2,1…

To all chicks – girls,babes,ladies and woMAN💙,welcome to my blog – Girl Chat. Where girls can be crazy 😙 with no worry😝 (with a bit of responsibility 🙃and learning a few things).

You may be feeling alone,bored,angry,irritated or stuck at home🙃.Mommy says you’re her big girl yet she sometimes says you are too young🤷. No stress-mom loves you😌.
So you were crazy enough to start dating😅your choice.Bff drama?Well you’ve come to a crazy but maybe right place.🙃
Life as a girl is hard but being a teen is DOUBLE TROUBLE🙆. Girls we are all beautiful🥀 slay queens😇. So live,love,learn and laugh🤗.
Promise you that this will be fun – join me🙏. Feel free to leave comments with questions that you have😚.

Till next time – Yo gal out✌…

I did it😰…

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