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What is The Foreign S.M.S all about?

Dear reader,

I started this blog on the 27th of June 2020 with just over 20 post ideas. The plan was to make my two year long dream of starting a blog come true by sharing a part of me and my thoughts. What’s the plan today? Well, we’re still going with the same plan😂😁(what did you expect👀?)

So if you want to read about life, have a laugh, relate to random things and think about things from time to time then you might just be at the right place🤷‍♀️🎉.

Google said I should give y’all a reason to follow me. The real question is why shouldn’t you follow me😁👀? Huh? Huh? Honestly though, I can’t give you a reason why you should or shouldn’t follow me. But it you do follow me then you can expect a little something, something every three days. If you choose not to follow me then you can rest assured that I won’t bother you. Choose wisely my friend😉.

If you’re new here, then you should know that my blog used to be called Girl Chat (hence the link). Which was a terrible name, I know. But after lot’s of thinking, I finally decided on The Foreign S.M.S. And you’re probably wondering why? Why? Well listen (read) to this🎤.


If you read my about page then you’ll know that I am a Congolese living in South Africa. So I’m a foreigner who speaks a different language, has a different tradition, a different accent and a way of doing things. So yes, Sabrina is foreign. Foreign can also means strange or weird and I’m very weird😗.


SMS stands for short message system. An SMS is basically a text message. And my post are kinda like messages from me to you☺💬.

But S.M.S are also MY intitials😁. So if we put it together, The Foreign SMS means the weird messages from Sabrina Mabimba Sinabwala (S.M.S).

Think of The Foreign S.M.S as your personal versatile spa where everyone and anyone is welcome. But no, I don’t do massages or manies and pedies. I try to make you laugh, think, smile and feel💆‍♀️ A spa for the heart, mind and soul🧘. And the best part? It’s free (although I will need you to follow in order for us to continue doing business – you know what I’m saying😂😉).

So now that you know what the blog is about, do you wanna follow? If you’re not yet cinvinced then head over to my homepage to read my latest pots. 

Do tell me what you think about the blog in the comments. That’s all from me for now. Wanna know anything else about the blog? Don’t be shy – ask away in the comments🙂(I know that smile is creepy but yeah😂).

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