What is Girl Chat💭💛 all about?

Hello again👋. I told you a bit about me (you can read about me on my Who writes Girl Chat💭💛 page). So now I’ll tell you about my blog/site/or whatever you wanna call it🙃.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog. I struggled A LOT😆. I could not come up with a name,decide on a hosting app or decide on a gender for my target audience😧. I’m still learning though. I’ve been doing research for a month and I still don’t know everything😆. Luckily,Google, YouTube and Bing are a thing😃.

I did research and saw all these blogs. Mostly,I saw many beauty blogs that were not appealing to me🙂. So nope,that’s out of the picture. I actually started a blog for teenage girls🙃.

Then I finally came up with this😃. My first blog. It’s called Girl chat (styled as Girl Chat💭💛).

At first my blog was supposed to be for girls but then again I was like what the heck? Let everyone read. So let’s just say I’m a girl that chats😁. I’m probably going to update my blog name but something centered around Girl Chat. Probably Girl that Chats or Girl Chatting🤷‍♀️. I don’t know😅.

I wanna discuss teenage problems although adults may (or may not) find my thoughts useful.

  • Periods (it’s normal you know🤨😅)
  • Bullying😒
  • Beauty😚
  • Fitness💪
  • Love💛
  • Spirituality😇
  • Relationships✨
  • Health and hygiene🤐(I couldn’t find a yellow emoji to use😅)
  • Life😋
  • Fun😜

I’m not sure if I listed all but that’s what I can remember right now🙃. My hope is that you enjoy reading my posts and pages as I enjoy writing them. Posts will be every three days unless I say otherwise (wow,that sounds a bit bossy😅).Thank you for reading💟.