Fifteen Random Things About Me

Hii everyone🌝🦋. How are y’all doing today? Welcome to or back to the blog and to another post💝.

So remember when I told y’all that something (good) happened? Yeah, we’re kinda going to talk about that today👐. What happened, you ask? Well…I…TURNED 15🎉🎉. Woo too!! Confetti, confetti🎊.

So yeah – last week Tuesday was my fifteenth birthday✨. A decade and a half is a long, long time hey – so I’m getting old😂. Moving on, last year I was interviewed by Creative May for my fourteenth birthday and she asked me fourteen questions (cause you know, 14 and 14). So this year, I wanted to do “Fifteen things about me” since I turned fifteen.

This post was supposed to be published last week Tuesday but… It’s hard coming up with 15 things about myself that I haven’t already mentioned😂. Buuutttt, I did🎉. So onward shall we🐎?

1) I’m of royal descent👑 – so you may or may not know this as I’ve mentioned it before. But it’s not some huge kingdom. More like a a kingdom in a village in Congo 🇨🇩. So yeah, Queen Elizabeth, rest assured that I won’t be cashing in anytime soon – or ever for that matter😂😉.

2) I’m terrified of rats/mice🐁 – aaargh they are just so disgusting, I can’t. Even the tiniest mouse sends me running and shrieking (OK, sometimes shouting😂😐). I honestly can’t imagine how people can keep mice/rats as pets. But then again, we’re all different – to each their own🧘.

3) I still watch “baby” cartoons👶 – yes. At my grown age of 15, I still watch PBS kids and Jim Jam from time to time to time. Whether I’m bored and can’t find anything interesting to watch or I’m just bored and decide to join my little sister – I enjoy watching those “can you see the bottle” cartoons😂.

Sometimes, It’s just nice to watch something that:

  • Doesn’t use inappropriate labguage
  • Doesn’t have to do with the most unrealistic teen drama
  • And the whole “I will destroy” you vibe😂🤦‍♀️

It’s nice to watch something that teaches and promotes forgiveness, kindness, genuine love, respect, good character – you know, all those good stuff🌼.

4) I think cats are hella creepy🐈 – like can we talk about it😂😐? Seriously? Like WHY are they always meowing at random times during the night? WHY, are they always sitting in the shadows and staring (well down right gawking) at people? WHY, why, why do they always look they are planning something😂🤦‍♀️?

We’ve been living in our current house for the past SEVEN YEARS. Some of the cats that were around when we moved in are still around today and to this day they still have that “I’m planning something” look. Like what have you been planning that still hasn’t happened in SEVEN Years😂? Please, explain this to me!

Also, everyone is like so sure that a zombie apocalypse could happen at any time but we should be worried about cats somehow rising against humans and making us their pets😂💁‍♀️. Does it sound like it’s possible? No. Is it though? Yes, very possible.

5) I kinda like spoilers😌 – I honestly can’t explain the satisfaction of knowing what’s going to happen… before it happens. Kinda makes me feel psychic😁.

6) I think cooking is cool🎛 – I’ve been cooking since I was 11/12 and I love it 🤩(didn’t really like it at first though)! Being able to prepare a meal that people really enjoy – A-MAZING feeling💟.

7) I LOVE BABIES👶 – Babies are just one of the best things on Earth😍! They are so innocent, precious, helpless, tiny, loveable – and to top it off – Cute🌻.

8) I also LOVE high heels👠 – I think they are so classy and fancy (up until your feet hurt but OK😂)

9) I enjoy sitting in the dark at the end of a long day – it’s so peaceful, quiet and relaxing🧘.

10) I think the arm of a couch is the best seat ever🛋 – the positioning of our couches just makes every couch arm(?) the PERFECT seat and I’ve always loved sitting there. (My mom doesn’t like me sitting there though😅).

11) I enjoy Hawaiian pizza🍕 – say what you want but pineapple on pizza is delicious😋👌. How can you even doubt that🍍?

12) I don’t like butter (on bread)🥪 – probably never will again but who knows🤷‍♀️?

13) I love sleep and sleep loves me too🛌 enough said😁!

14) Twelve is my favorite number1⃣2⃣ – can you guess why👀?

15) Let’s end things off right, shall we🧘? I completely believe in God and believe that we’re nothing without him🙌.

So yeah, that’s all for this post. Hope you’re having (going to have?) an amazing day🙃.

Question of the day: What’s one random thing about you?

For me: Just gave 15😉 (y’all can tell me your answers in the comments)

Thank you beautiful soul for reading🙌🍍💟. Yo gal out✌…

44 thoughts on “Fifteen Random Things About Me

  1. i can relate to so many of these haha!! except you don’t like butter??! 😒 i love spoilers too though haha! sometimes when it looks like someone is gonna die in a book i’m reading i’ll go to the end to see if the person is still alive or not i just can’t handle the suspense😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂to each their own Addie. To each their own 🧘.
      😂exactly! Like I’m not about to sit through 20 pages just to know if one person dies. The suspense is too much😂.
      Thanks for reading Addie🙏🏼. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you’re doing well🌻

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you won’t behead me or banish me for saying this but… I think butter on bread is nice and cats aren’t that creepy. Do they look like they’re plotting something? Yes. But would I like one as a pet? Also yes ✨ I too watch kids movies because I think they teach you more than adult movies and they’re more appropriate. And I totally get what you said about liking spoilers because I’m the same way ✋I don’t like heels though. One random thing about me is umm… I avoid reading/watching horror/crime. I don’t have the heart for those things 😬 It was interesting to know more about you, Sabrina! And hey, now I can say I’ve talked to someone of royal descent lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂no, no I would not dare to behead you. After all, we’re all different and have our different preferences🌚.
      Indeed they do🌻.
      😂yes mam – spoilers are amazing!
      I don’t mind horror/crime as long as it’s not horribly explicit.
      Well, glad this post interested you🌚.
      It’s not a big deal😂.
      Thanks for reading 🙏🏼


      1. Why, thank you for being so generous. Very wise, indeed.
        Ohhh. Still very brave of you 😲
        Thank you for interesting me 😂
        Still, now I have something to brag about 🌚
        You’re welcome, Sabrina.

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  3. Happy Birthday Sabrina (sorry it’s late! 😆) You’re such a great friend and I’m looking forward to seeing 16 things next year! Omg yess there’s something nostalgic and wholesome about kids cartoons – they’re kind of a form of escapism! Also love how you embrace your faith – we all love your authentic self! :)) Again, happy 15th!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We have a lot of things in common! 😃 I also like spoilers, and yeah I think I like knowing what’s going to happen. One random thing about me is that I can wiggle my ears! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since you said a lot, I’m hoping you don’t like butter on bread too😂🤞🤞.
      Right? Kinda makes me feel powerful 🤭🧘.

      No way! I’ve been trying to do that for years😂!


  5. Happy belated birthdaaay! That’s exciting 😎 that’s a fun idea to share facts about yourself that match your new age!
    Hey if you’re old at 15… 😳 I’m over here elderly with my 22 age heh
    I love seeing my favorite kid shows from time to time! It keeps my happy memories alive 😍💛 and yeah it’s nice to watch something that isn’t negative, have bad language, etc.
    Cats do be pretty creepy haha, I think they secretly run the planet 😶🤣
    And BABIES!! They’re the best!
    Ayyy Hawaiian pizza! *high fives you!*
    You don’t like butter on bread? 💀 that’s one of my favorite foods in the whole world haha
    A random thing about me… I can wiggle my eyebrows and make a wave pattern 😂👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Maggie🌻.
      Well the blogsphere does have some good ideas🌚.
      My mom told me the same thing😂. But I guess we’re all a little old🤭.
      Indeed it does🌚.
      I wouldn’t be surprised😂. We should watch cats.
      Yes mam😍!
      You like Hawaiian pizza too?!!! Yesssss🎉🎉 *high fives you back*
      😂yeah I used to like it when I was little but eventually it started tasting weird. I haven’t tasted it in about 4 years now so maybe one of these days I’ll change my mind🧘😉.
      Hehe that’s pretty cool – I can only move my eyebrows up and down – unfortunate 😂😪

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woo our comments get so long! 😂👏
        Oh indeed sister 🌝
        Yas!! Hawaiian pizza is one of my favorites!
        *gasp, shakes my head* It’s only been a couple days since I had buttered bread, lol. Maybe! 😆
        You might be able to train yourself to do eyebrow tricks 😂 I’ve learned my skills over time!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, how are you doing?

      Thank you, thank you🙏🏼.
      Yeah, I don’t really tell people but it kinda is🤭.
      Hate😂🙆‍♀️? No Saudah you’ll turn the blogsphere against us😂. Rather say they’re not your favorite animal 🧘

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ooh, this was a lovely post! Hope you had a fantastic birthday; here’s wishing you have your best year yet 🥳❣️
    Also, just pointing out a typo in the first point where you misspelled ‘royal descent’ 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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