Would you want to plan your own funeral?

Hii everyone🍿. Hey boos. I know😅. I know😗. OK🙂. I know. I didn’t post on Monday I know. But I’m not gonna give y’all an entire explanation why I didn’t (been doing a lot of explaining lately *clears throat*)

Anyway, I know I’ve been pretty inconsistent lately. I know. I don’t like being inconsistent but somehow I end up being inconsistent😁😅.

Today we’re speaking about death. No. Relax. Please. I’m not gonna make you feel depressed and tell you that you’re going to die one day (you are going to though) anyway😅. I’ve got a question for you. You ready?

Would you want to plan your own funeral?

Yes? No? Well, a few days ago I read about a lady who has been planning her own funeral. It’s not that doctors have told her she has a few months to live. No. It’s the fact that she wants her funeral to be a celebration. Woah. I know what you’re thinking. She wants people to celebrate the fact that she’s dead😦?! No. Y’all should use your brain sometimes😂 (just kidding. Don’t attack me please😛). She wants her funeral to be a celebration of her life. All the things she’s accomplished, the type of person she was, the things she liked – you get it right (no? keep reading).

She wants her coffin to be the shape of a guitar and it should be painted black and gold🎸. Why a guitar? Cause she plays a guitar and loves it (I think that’s a pretty obvious answer. anyway….) She even wants her boyfriend (or husband if she’s married by the time she dies) to sing a love song at her funeral (can’t remember the song’s name).

Then I read about another lady who doctors told she only has four months to live (cancer🙁). She decided the last thing she wants to do is plan her funeral. She plans to wear all pink, her coffin should be pink, her nails pink, decorations pink (the girl loves pink😛💅).

All this got me thinking… I low key think it’s cool to plan your funeral. But then again it seems uhm… creepy 🤭 – sort of. But think about it. Planning your own funeral. You get to choose your coffin, what you wear, who comes, who speaks🌻. I want my funeral to be a celebration of my life. Not a sad affair where everyone’s crying like there’s no tomorrow . I want people to smile and laugh. Y’all should cry a bit though – please😅🙂 (I’m serious. Otherwise y’all are gonna be seeing me in your dreams for dayssssss 👻).

So after reading all this, would you want to plan your own funeral? Tell me in the comments k?

Questions of the day: Do you like hot dogs?

For me: Yep😋 (y’all can tell me your answers in the comments)

Thank you beautiful soul for reading❤🏳️‍🌈. Yo gal out✌…

17 thoughts on “Would you want to plan your own funeral?

  1. I think that I would want to plan my own funeral. Or maybe some parts of it, you know? XP Do I like hot dogs? Well, I would mostly say no, but there are some days where I do enjoy eating them. Or some occasions where having hotdogs are perfect. (I’m a weird human being if you haven’t figured it out by now. XDD) *chuckles*

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    1. Yeah, planning the entire thing would be hard cause after all, you’ll be dead by the time your funeral happens. You can’t control what happens on the day 🤷‍♀️.
      😂😂I figured it out a while ago
      Thanks for reading❤


  2. Hm… interesting! I think it might be fun to plan my own funeral, honestly.
    I feel kind of too young for that right now, because HOPEFULLY by the time I day my tastes will have changed, but I feel like with planning your funeral a piece of you almost lives on for that one day in that funeral. (If that doesn’t sound too weird?)
    Also, I’m new to your blog, and I’m loving it! Great post!

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    1. Yeah I think I’m too young to do that too and my taste will probably change by that time but there are things I know I definitely want to happen on the day😁
      Doesn’t sound weird at all🤭😂
      Oh you’re new. Welcome😁🎉 (sorry I don’t know how to welcome you😅). But thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your stay.
      I’m Sabrina (I think you already know that but…)

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  3. I would love to plan it. As we live once , we die also once, but I would definitely not like to have a grand celebration. I would like ppl to celebrate and it would be even better if every person in my funeral does something good for others counting upon me.
    I’ve heard there are few places where ppl do celebrate when someone above 60 passes but that doesn’t applies to young ones.

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